What you should know about keeping mules


Just like horses, mules are equine animals, and it is said that they need the same type of care bigger counterparts. However, there are some differences between them. A lot of these differences depend on the age and weight of the mule. This is one of the most important reasons to check an equine veterinarian before deciding how to take care of a mule and how to feed the animal.



It is crucial for mules’ health to maintain their weight, so it is essential to create a personalized diet, according to it. However, they usually eat fruits and vegetables. But you have to take care not to leave the poor animal to starve for more than 8 hours, since it may be bad for the health.


Since the muscle composition of mules is a bit different from that of the horses, it is necessary to establish certain exercises that mules have to practice daily. And they may differ from those assigned to horses. It is absolutely necessary for your mule to engage in some type of physical exercises on a daily basis, because, if not, they may get sick.



Mules are “sensitive” creatures, if we can say so. They require a more kind and attentive treatment than horses. They are able to feel your respect. If you do not treat them well, with logic and perseverance, they will not respect you, as well, and will not listen to you. Believe it or not, mules are very intelligent creatures and they will not just do what you say, this is why you have to speak clearly to them and explain why they have to do what you ask them to. A mule will not do something that has no sense.

Moreover, if you have been asking yourself if you should hire a trainer for your mule, then we can give you an answer. You should not. If you think that you will not face the problems that may show up in the process of training a mule, you can hire a trainer just to guide you. But you are the owner of the animal and you are the only one that has to train this intelligent creature. Otherwise, you will never gain the respect of the mule.

As soon as you gain the trust of your mule, you will have one of the most loyal animals in the world, and you will be surprised at what a willing and intelligent creature a mule may be.

Thus, if you plan to train such an animal, these tips can be crucial in the process. Just one step in the wrong the direction and you can lose your mule’s trust forever.